Swim Lessons

Group Swim Lessons

Group swim lesson registration is now closed for the season.

Session 1A: June 13 - 30, Mondays and Wednesdays

Session 1B: June 13 - 30, Tuesdays and Thursdays 

Session 2A: July 11- 29, Mondays and Wednesdays

Session 2B: July 11- 29, Tuesdays and Thursdays 

Session 3A: August 8- 26, Mondays and Wednesdays

Session 3B: August 8- 26, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Each session of group lessons is comprised of six lessons total, with two per week over the course of three weeks. All lessons take place in the kiddie pool at OHAC Pool during lap swim. There are two different levels of group lessons offered during each session:

Starfish from 5:30PM-6:00PM (True beginners)

  • My child currently:
    • Has never had a swim lesson ever.
    • Doesn’t like the water. 
    • Is nervous to be in the pool.
    • Can’t float or use a kick board without assistance.
  • My child will be able to:
    • Put their face in.
    • Float on back and stomach for 10 seconds without support.
    • Kick the width of the pool on back and stomach with a kickboard. 
    • Know the basics of freestyle and backstroke. 
    • Jump in to pool with instructor’s help

Dolphins from 6:00PM - 6:30PM (Beginner/Intermediate)

  • My child currently:
    • Has had swim lessons before.
    • Likes being in the water and is comfortable putting face in. 
    • Can float on back and stomach for 10 seconds without support. 
    • Can use a kick board without assistance.
  • My child will be able to: 
    • Float on back and stomach for 30 seconds without support.
    • Can kick a full length of the pool on back and stomach with a kickboard.
    • Swim freestyle and backstroke for the length of the kiddie pool. 
    • Jump into the deep end (to instructor). 
    • Know the basic motions of treading water.
  • Lessons are $100/child/session for OHAC members or $125 for non-members
  • Six (6) students per class minimum, Ten (10) maximum. Lessons will be cancelled if fewer than six students are registered. 
  • All students must be potty trained and able to communicate their needs (ages 3+)
  • Instructors will PASS students from Starfish-Dolphin, Dolphin-Learn to Swim (Swim Team), Learn to Swim-8 & Unders (B) (Swim Team) OR ask students to remain at their level.
  • Parents are asked to stay at the pool during the lesson, but remain in the seating area. 


Private Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lessons are available for OHAC members. You may purchase private swim lessons for $25 for each 30 minute lesson in MemberSplash and coordinate lesson time with an instructor directly. Need a recommendation on which lifeguards teach private lessons? Email Sarah at manager@ohacpool.org

Questions? Email us at info@ohacpool.org