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about orchard hills athletic club

  • Non-Profit

    OHAC is a 501(c)3 non-profit membership organization in northeast Ann Arbor with two community pools, dedicated to providing a diversity of swimming instruction opportunities for children and adults in a supportive community setting.

  • Community

    Community is the heart of OHAC! Everyone is welcome at our many community events, including social events, rentals, swim team, parties, and unforgettable memories. It’s the place to be this summer!

  • Pools

    We have two outdoor heated pools, a diving board, a water slide, private & group swimming lessons, swim/dive/synchro teams, master's swim, water polo, lap swim, social events, potlucks, parties and summer fun! Learn more on our About Us page. 

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Teams & Classes at OHAC

We offer a variety of classes, programs, and teams, including: 

Swim Team 

Dive Team

Synchronized Swimming

Swim Lessons

Masters Swimming

Water Polo

Capital Improvement Fundraiser

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What is OHAC?

Orchard Hills Athletic Club (OHAC) was established over 50 years ago as a community pool on the Northeast side of Ann Arbor. We have two pools, OHAC Pool (2300 Yorktown Drive) and Dolfin Pool (2050 Prairie St). We offer extensive youth water sport instruction (competitive swim and dive teams, synchronized swim, water polo, group swim lessons) and adult swim activities (water aerobics and masters' swim lessons) that are open to the community at large.  Membership in the pools provides additional access to the pools for open swim and private parties, private swim lessons, organized social events, and discounts on club activity fees. Membership also supports the mission and sustainability of the pools. We are a not-for-profit organization 501c(3) run by community volunteers.

When is OHAC open?

Early Season (May 23-June 13): Monday - Friday 3:30pm-8:00pm. Weekends 12:00pm-8:00pm

Main Season (June 14-August 16): Daily 12:00pm-9:00pm

Late Season (August 17-September 7): Daily 12:00pm-8:00pm

Lap Swimming (all season): Open to any swimmer ages middle school and older that would like to swim laps for exercise. Daily from 12:00pm-1:00pm and 5:30pm-6:30pm.

When is Dolfin open?

Early Season (May 23-June 13): Monday - Friday: Programs Only, Saturday - Sunday open 1:00pm-7:00pm

Main Season (June 14-September 7): Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 3:00pm-7:00pm. Wednesdays are closed for open swim (programs only). Friday - Sunday 1:00pm-7:00pm

Dolfin Lap Swimming (all season) Open to any swimmer ages middle school and older that would like to swim laps for exercise. Daily (Except Wed): one lane is always available, and between 5:30-6:30 pm up to 3 lanes are available.

What about holiday hours?

Memorial Day: OHAC is open from 12-8pm. Dolfin is open from 1-7pm.

4th of July: Both pools are open from 12pm-6:30pm. Note that OHAC lap swim will only take place from 5:30-6:30pm due to the 4th of July party.

Labor Day: OHAC is open from 12-8pm. Dolfin is open from 1-7pm.

Membership FAQs

How are membership rates determined? The OHAC board approves an annual budget.  Through this process, we factor in the fixed costs of operating and maintaining the pools, labor costs (guards), historical membership levels, and the prices of competing pools. By members agreeing to volunteer, OHAC is able to keep the costs of running two pools as low as possible. 

Who can be on my family membership? Immediate family members in your household and a caregiver if applicable (see below). Friends or other relatives must purchase their own membership or pay guest fees. 

Can my caregiver be included in my family membership? If you have a caregiver for the summer, s/he is welcome to bring your children as your surrogate. Please include their name along with your family membership application.  If your caregiver has their own child that they care for along with your children, then that child must pay the guest fee.

Can I get a discount for when I go on vacation? It would be very difficult to give everyone vacation discounts. We have 1- and 2- month memberships for those that will be out of town for a large portion of the summer. 

Can I just pay for the days I use the pool? Based on feedback from community meetings, in 2016 we started a punchcard program that offers relatively limited daily use of the pool.  We will revisit this program each year and made adjustments as needed. We were hesitant to offer punchcards because we are a membership-driven organization, which relies on its members to vote at the annual meetings, volunteer, and commit to pay the larger membership fees that we can count on during our annual budgeting process.  We decided to implement the punchcard system in 2016 with the hope of introducing the pool to more people so that they might choose to become members in the future.  

How do punchcards work? For those interested in trying the pool before committing to a membership, or interested in visiting the pool only very occasionally (e.g., with out of town family or friends), this can be a great option!  One card can be purchased per household (non-transferrable) per summer season. One card earns you 10 punches and costs $75. We realize that these rates are higher than what the city charges ($4 per child, $5 per adult), but the city pools are subsidized by our taxes.  Once you have a card in hand, it can be used by household members and their guests. Also, one punch must be used per entry to the pool deck (i.e., if four people come together, four punches will be used, no matter the age or whether they actually get in the water). Purchasing a punchcard does not convey the benefits of membership (e.g., program discounts, voting rights).  Finally, if you decide to become a member after your punches are used, we will apply the $75 payment as credit towards your membership!

If I purchase an individual membership, can I go to the pool with my child? Individual memberships are for those 12 and up. Only members and their paid guests are allowed entry. Please remember that immediate family members do not qualify as guests and should be included in the appropriate membership. 

Do I have to purchase a family membership if my spouse or I do not swim/go to the pool? If you have more than one child it is more economical to purchase a family membership. Family memberships are not priced by number of family members or how often individual members go to the pool. Those factors would be impossible for OHAC to manage. 

Can my child join the swim/dive teams if we are not members? Yes, many programs are available to non-members.  Members always pay a lower rate because their membership fee helps defray costs of keeping the pools running for programs!  Chapel Hill residents (not Chapel Hill members who are not residents) also qualify for the OHAC membership discount for the Swim and Dive team based on agreement struck between the two pools more than a decade ago.  This agreement was based on Chapel Hill’s Board agreement to let OHAC use Chapel Hill for swim meets and swim practices for a negotiated fee.

How do guest fees work?

Why do I have to pay guest fees if I already paid for membership? Guest fees are $3/Guest with an OHAC Member. Guest fees generate needed revenue for OHAC pools. We also want to avoid a situation where people that live locally can avoid joining the pool because they always come to OHAC pools “free” as a guest.  Unlike some other neighborhoods, Orchard Hill/Maplewood/Bromley residents are not required to pay an association fee to support the pool, where membership and free guests could be included.

Do grandparents have to pay a guest fee if they are not swimming but only have come to watch their grandchild?  No.  Grandparents who are not swimming will not be charged a guest fee to come in and see their grandchildren swim.  If the grandparent would like to swim, please pay the guest fee.

My child visits Chapel Hill pool without a guest fee, Can OHAC provide a similar arrangement?  Any Chapel Hill member can have their guest fees waived at OHAC pools provided they 1) come with an OHAC member and 2) bring their Chapel Hill membership card to verify their membership.  

Is there a limit to how many times I can bring a guest?  Yes- guests can visit no more than 10 times per summer.  Otherwise, we would expect that guest to purchase a membership to our pools.  When you register each day at the pool, the greeter should ask you your name (to confirm membership) and the name of your guest and have it recorded in our guest log.

Under what weather conditions does the pool close?

The pools will be closed during thunderstorms.  The pool will reopen 20 minutes after the last incident of thunder or lightning.  The pools will also be closed if the weather is too cold (less than 60 degrees). Weather decisions are always at the discretion of pool management.  Feel free to call the pools to check whether or not they are open if the weather seems questionable.

How does volunteering at OHAC work?

When you purchase your membership, you will be asked if you would like to volunteer or, if you are unable, to pay a $50 fee. If you choose to volunteer, you can select what type of volunteering suits you best. Our Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to you via email shortly after you join to confirm the date/time of your volunteer shift(s) or to provide you more information on the volunteer option you selected. If you choose to volunteer, you will be expected to do about 4 hours per season. This time can be divided up between people in a household.

What kind of volunteer jobs are available?

Volunteer opportunities vary. You can volunteer to help with maintenance or grounds (minor repairs, weeding, cutting grass), social events (helping sell food, greeting guests), or help with our spring opening or fall closing activities.

Members are not required to volunteer at OHAC. When you join, you will be asked if you would like to volunteer OR pay a $50 “Unable to volunteer” fee. We offer the fee option because we know some members are simply too busy or otherwise unable to volunteer their time, and the fee enables us to pay for labor to perform the work that needs to be done.

What happens if I forget or miss the event I agreed to help with? If you miss your scheduled volunteer shift, don’t worry! We are maintaining the grounds and planning events all year round, so there are always more opportunities to help out. Just reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator to find out what’s happening next.