2023 OHAC Gator Swim Season

Welcome to the 2023 OHAC Gator Swim and Dive Season!

Important Dates


Monday, May 15

Registration Opens

Tuesday, May 30

Swim Team Parents Meet and Greet — 7:00 pm
Distribute informational brochure

Monday, June 12

Swim Practice Begins!

Friday, June 23
Dive meet at Dundee High School
130 Viking Dr, Dundee, MI 48131
Warm up 4:00pm, Meet start 5:00pm
Saturday, June 24 Swim Meet vs. Milan (Backstroke)
Wednesday, June 28*

Swim Meet vs. Whitmore Lake (Breaststroke)

Friday, June 30

Dive meet vs. Whitmore Lake -
Required dive: forward jump with hurdle (8 & under), back group (9 & up)

Friday, July 7

Dive Meet vs. Chippewa -
Required dive: forward group (12 & under), inward group (13 & up)

Saturday, July 8

Swim Meet vs. Chippewa (Butterfly)

Friday, July 14 Dive Meet @ Forestbrooke -
Required dive: back group (10 & under), inward group (11–12), twister
group (13 & up)
Saturday, July 15

Swim Meet @ A2 Octopods (Distance)

Friday, July 21 WISC schedule bye week
Saturday, July 22 Swim Meet @ Liberty (Individual Medley)
Monday, July 24-
Thursday, July 27
WISC Championships
Skyline High School
Monday, July 24: 13 & Up​
Tuesday, July 25: 9–10
Wednesday, July 26: 8 & Under
Thursday, July 27: 11–12 (plus Coaches' Relay)
Friday, July 28 Swim Awards Banquet @ OHAC Pool 6:30 pm


Registration Information

  • Registration will open on May 15th at 10am on www.active.com
  • 8 & unders who can swim 25 yards can compete in meets and will be placed on the Blue Team. If your 8 & under swimmer is unable to swim 25 yards they will be on the Green team and will receive extra support in the pool from our coaches. They will not be able to compete in meets. (Group lessons will also be available for our young swimmers. Please email manager@ohacpool.org for more information.)
  • Dive team is included as a part of swim team registration. Email dive@ohacpool.org for more information. All are welcome!
  • OHAC T-shirts will be provided to each swimmer as part of their registration fee.


Registration Fees

OHAC Member fees:

  • 1 child, $230 (Discount code: MEMB1)
  • 2 children, $220 (Discount code: MEMB2)
  • 3 or more children, $210 (Discount code: MEMB3)

Non-members fees: $280
Meets only: $150 (Discount code: MEETSONLY)
Dive only: $150 (Discount code: DIVEONLY) 
- Meets only/dive only swimmers do not have to be members at OHAC.

Information for Parents

- Parent meet and greet will be held at OHAC on Tuesday, May 30th @ 7:00 pm.
- There is a volunteering point system necessary to run a successful swim team and conduct meets.
  • Swim and dive team families will need to complete at least 12 volunteer
    points for the season. Volunteer jobs will be published on the Active site
    where you register your swimmer or diver. You must sign up on Active and
    check in with a swim or dive parent to get credit for volunteering. If your task
    is not at a meet please email us at swim@ohacpool.org or
    dive@ohacpool.org when the task is complete.
  • All families must commit to volunteering or pay the $125 buyout fee, available on the registration form.
  • Families whose children compete in meets will have to fulfill at least half of their volunteer points at meets.
  • Families whose children are not competing in the swim meets can still volunteer at swim meets but are not required to volunteer in that capacity. (These parents should look for opportunities to donate, volunteer at practices
    throughout the season or the final banquet.)

Swim Practice Information

- Practices will be held daily Monday through Friday unless there is inclement weather. (Practices will occur rain or shine with the exception of thunder and lightning.)
- No practice will be held on the 4th of July.
- Practices will be at OHAC and Dolfin pools this season.
- Practices will begin Monday, June 12th
  • 9:30 - 10:20: 11 & 12s
  • 10:30 -11:50: 13 & Ups
  • 9:00 - 9:45: 8 & Under "Green team" - non-meet swimmers
  • 10:00 - 10:45: 8 & Under "Blue team" - meet swimmers
  • 11:00 - 11:45: 9 & 10s
- Swimmers should bring the following to practice: towel, water bottle, swim cap (if they wear one), and goggles
- Periodically swimmers will participate in dry land practice and should wear athletic clothes and shoes.
- Swimmers will participate in Funday Monday each week!

2023 Dive Practice Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday evenings: Skyline Highschool

8 and unders: 5:00-6:00 pm

9 and up: 5:00-6:30 pm

* 4th of July week, no Skyline practices. Will likely have make-up practices at Whitmore late Wednesday and Thursday around 2:00 pm.

More Dive Team information at: https://www.ohacpool.org/pages/2022-ohac-gator-dive-season-information

Championship Information

WISC Championships

- Swimmers must compete in at least 2 of the dual meets listed above to qualify for WISC and to receive a medal.

- WISC Swim Championships will likely be held at Skyline High School.

- The meet starts at 9:00am every day with warm-up at 8:00am.

  • Monday, July 24: 13 & Up​
  • Tuesday, July 25: 9 &10
  • Wednesday, July 26: 8 & Under
  • Thursday, July 27: 11 &12 (plus Coaches' Relay)

If you have any questions about the swim team, please email swim@ohacpool.org.
If you have any questions about the dive team, please email dive@ohacpool.org.