All OHAC members are invited to attend the 2017 Annual Meeting of Orchard Hills Athletic Club. At the Annual Meeting we present status reports on this summer’s season and elect members to the Board of Directors to fill positions on the pool board for the coming season. Current nominations by the board for open positions, terms that are expiring or those filled by temporary appointees who need to be confirmed, are:
Amy Creten
Jeffrey Buis
David Barnett
Hannah Smith
Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the meeting.

If you have questions, concerns, or thoughts about the season, please come and join us at the Annual Meeting. IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND, WE NEED YOUR PROXY to establish a 20% quorum of the membership required to proceed with business.

Electronic proxy requests will be sent to each member family’s email address of record and can be submitted by REPLY with a designation as to which board member from the list below can cast your vote by proxy.

Alternatively, please fill out a paper proxy, available at the desk at each pool, and give it to a board member or drop it in the “Annual Meeting Proxies” envelopes on the bulletin board at either pool.
After Labor Day an envelope will be on the bulletin board outside the front door at OHAC pool.

Current OHAC Board Members who can act as proxies at the Annual Meeting:
Joann Culbertson Hannah Smith
Pam O’Neal Praveena Ramaswami
Linda Klimach Patrice Fort
Sharon Weiner Amanda Ryan
Jill Shannon Dave Barnett

Lost and Found: We have a large collection of unclaimed clothing, towels, and other items at both pools. Please come and claim your lost items before we close. Lost and found items will be retained until October 1 after which they will be donated to charity. Call Joann Culbertson (663-2142) if you need to claim anything after Labor Day.

THANK YOU! The Board would like to thank all the volunteers who help maintain our programs and facilities. Volunteers are critical to keep our pools running and our costs down. We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting, and again next year for another fun-filled swim season at our two pools.