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2017 Swim & Dive Pricing

OHAC’s swim and dive team is open to both members and non-members; however, we do offer a significant discount for both OHAC members and Chapel Hill residents.

During registration, you must register all participating children at the same time in order to receive the discounted rates below. (During registration, after adding information for one child, click on the “register another participant” in the upper right-hand corner to add the next child.)

All swimmers & divers must have all forms filed and fees paid before entering the pool, so don’t delay!

OHAC Members and Chapel Hill Residents

1 Child $110 $120 MEMB1
2 Children $175 $195 MEMB2
3 Children $250 $280 MEMB3
4 Children $325 $365 MEMB4
5 Children $400 $450 MEMB5


1 Child $165 $175
2 Children $330 $350
3 Children $495 $525
4 Children $660 $700
5 Children $825 $875

Meets Only – $50

Are you practicing with another coach this summer, but want to compete in swim and/or dive meets? If so, we offer a “meets only” option! Join the OHAC Gators to show off your hard work! Email or for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the price include swimming, diving, or both?

The price of registration includes swimming, diving, or both teams.

Does my child have to participate in both swim and dive, or can he choose one sport?

Your child can participate in the sport that he or she chooses. There’s no pressure to compete in both.

Is there a deadline to register?

Yes, the deadline to register is June 23.

We are Chapel Hill pool members but not not Chapel Hill residents. Can we still get the discount?

Sorry,  we only have this discount for OHAC members and Chapel Hill residents.

How many practices are required?

There are no practice attendance requirements; however, we encourage swimmers and divers who want to compete to attend at least two practices per week.

Is my child required to compete in the swim and dive meets?

All swimmers and divers are encouraged to participate in meets, but it is not a requirement. If your child is tentative about participating in a meet, we encourage you to come to a meet and see how much fun they are!

Does my child need to be a proficient swimmer or diver to join?

If you’re questioning whether your child can swim or dive well enough to join the team, please stop! This is a great place for your child to learn how to swim more confidently. Any new swimmers who are unsure about joining the swim and dive team are encouraged to attend practice during the trial period (the first two weeks) before making a decision.

Beginners with little or no experience will learn how to safely swim and enter the pool from a diving board, and will learn how to do it with style! Our coaches individualize instruction to meet your child’s skills and abilities, and will introduce new skills as your child progresses.

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