Punch Card

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How do punchcards work? For those interested in trying the pool before committing to a membership, or interested in visiting the pool only very occasionally (e.g., with out of town family or friends), this can be a great option!  One card can be purchased per household (non-transferable) per summer season. One card earns you 10 punches and costs $75. We realize that these rates are higher than what the city charges ($4 per child, $5 per adult), but the city pools are subsidized by our taxes.  Once you have a card in hand, it can be used by household members and their guests. Also, one punch must be used per entry to the pool deck (i.e., if four people come together, four punches will be used, no matter the age or whether they actually get in the water). Purchasing a punch card does not convey the benefits of membership (e.g., program discounts, voting rights).  Finally, if you decide to become a member after your punches are used, we will apply the $75 payment as credit towards your membership!


*Note: this price includes a convenience fee for online payments. If you would rather pay by check to avoid the fee, please see our Offline Payments page for instructions.