Swim Team

Join the swim/dive team and become an OHAC Gator. We were the 2018 Division B WISC Champions. We welcome all levels of swimmers and divers.
Practice weekdays 6/3-7/19 and meets on Saturdays.  2 week trail period for $20 for new members only.

Registrations will begin on May 1st.

Registering for swim team also registers you for dive team. Two for the price of 1!

Special Events

 Parent Meeting

May 29th
7-8 PM
Location: OHAC Pool

Swimsuit Fitting

May 29th
6-7 PM
Location: OHAC Pool

End of Season Party

July 26th
6 PM
Location: OHAC Pool

*Team suits are not mandatory

2019 Practice Schedule

Every effort will be made to hold practice each weekday; however, threatening weather, extreme cold and technical difficulties sometimes make it necessary to cancel practice. Please check your e-mail for updates before all scheduled practices. We appreciate your patience and understanding of circumstances beyond our control.

Afternoon Practices (June 3 – June 13)

M-Th 3:30-4:30pm Middle/High schoolers Dolfin Pool
M-Th 4:30pm-5:30pm Grades 3-5 Dolfin Pool
M-Th 5:30pm-6:15pm Grades K-2* Dolfin Pool

*Girls for grades K-2 on M/W; Boys T/Th

Summer Practices (June 17 – July 19)

Morning Practices

M-F 8:30am-10:00am 13+ Chapel Hill
M-F 9:00am-10:00am 11-12 OHAC
M-F 10:00am-11:00am 9-10 Chapel Hill
M-F 11:00am-12:00pm 8u - C Chapel Hill **
M-F 10:15am-11:00am 8u - B OHAC **
M-F 10:15am-11:00am 8u - A
M-F 11:15am-12:00pm 8u - B OHAC **
M-F 11:15am-12:00am 8u - A OHAC **

** See below for information on different 8/under groups

Group A Group A is for swimmers who are comfortable putting their face in
the water and ready to start swimming with assistance
Group B Group B is for swimmers who can swim short distances and are ready
to start learning to cross the pool. This group must have coach’s
permission to participate in meets.
Group C Group C is for swimmers who can independently cross the pool and are ready to work on developing better stroke skills and endurance

Groups A and B are offered at two different times to provide more
opportunities for swimmers to have space and the attention of coaches. We will ask for your preference on times and try to accommodate people’s schedules the best we can, but will need to try to even out the two groups the best we can 

    Swim Clinics:
     Date/Time Location Stroke
    Tuesday, June 18 - 7-8PM Dolfin Backstroke
    Tuesday, June 25 - 7-8PM Dolfin Breaststroke
    Tuesday, July 2 - 7-8PM Dolfin Butterfly
    Thursday, July 11 - 7-8PM Dolfin Turns & Finshes
    Tuesday, July 16, - 7-8PM Dolfin Strokes*
    * You may ask for help on any of the swim strokes

        Meet information:
        Regular Saturday meets:
         Date Stroke Location Warmup Time
        Saturday, June 22nd Backstroke Raquet Club (OHAC HOSTS) 8am
        Saturday, June 29th
        Breaststroke Huron Valley (OHAC HOSTS) 8am
        Tuesday, July 9th Butterfly Travis Pointe 5pm
        Saturday, July 13th Distance Georgetown 8am
        Saturday, July 20th Dexter Medley 8am
        There is no meet on Saturday July 6th , due to the holiday weekend

        WISC Championship:
        Date  Age Group
        Monday July 22
        Ages 13-17
        Tuesday July 23
        Ages 9 and 10
        Wednesday July 24
        Ages 8 and under
        Thursday July 25
        Ages 11 and 12
        To compete in WISC you must participate in a minimum of two regular meets
        Meets are held at Skyline High School and begin at 9:00 AM, warm ups at 8:00 AM

        • Registration will open on May 1st !
        • Your child must turn 5 by September 1st and be comfortable putting their face in the water to be eligible to be on the team.


        Members/Chapel Hill Residents

        • 1 child--$130 after June 1 st -- $140 (Discount Code: MEMB1)
        • 2 children--$215 after June 1 st -- $235 (Discount Code: MEMB2)
        • 3 children--$309 after June 1 st -- $339 (Discount Code: MEMB3)
        • 4 children--$404 after June 1 st -- $444 (Discount Code: MEMB4)
        • 5 children---$500 after June 1 st -- $550 (Discount Code: MEMB5)

        Non members

        • 1 child--$180 after June 1 st -- $190
        • 2 children--$360 after June 1 st -- $380
        • 3 children--$540 after June 1 st -- $570
        • 4 children--$720 after June 1 st -- $760
        • 5 children---$900 after June 1 st -- $950

        Meets Only--$70

        All families must commit to volunteering or pay a $75 volunteer buyout fee.

        Families whose children compete in meets must earn 15 volunteer points.

        Families whose children are not competing in meets will be required to earn 10 volunteer points.

        Most volunteer jobs are worth 5 points. For families whose children compete in meets, at least 10 of their points must be helping at meets.

        Registration fees include a team t-shirt for each swimmer



          • Claire Young—Head Coach
          • Emily Ferry—Assistant Coach
          • Dane Hubers—Assistant Coach
          • Sarah Morris—Assistant Coach
          • Sophie Morelock—Assistant Coach
          • Faith Baker—Junior Coach
          • Ben Hires—Intern
          • Zannah Baker—Intern