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The full outline of OHAC's 2020 planning is below:

Dear OHAC Community:

We thank you for your support during this unprecedented time. Our board has spent countless hours discussing potential options and researching CDC, State of Michigan and Washtenaw County guidelines. We also very much appreciate the helpful response to our survey a few weeks ago.  After much deliberation, we are announcing our plans to open Dolfin Pool on July 1, 2020. Unfortunately, OHAC Pool will not open this season. Below, you will find more detail on various OHAC topics of interest to our community.  

OHAC Pool will not open this season

The Board approved concrete deck replacement at OHAC Pool during fall 2019, but the work could not be scheduled until this spring. Despite some delays associated with the stay at home order, we were able to get the concrete removed in May, which also allows us to complete the necessary repair of OHAC’s failing main drains and pool lights. Unfortunately, because of the age of our pool, this repair and associated permitting is expected to take most of the summer, so OHAC will not be opening for swimmers. We understand that this is difficult news but we are grateful we have a second pool for our community.  

Dolfin Pool will open with modified operations

We are following CDC, State, and County Guidelines on how to re-open public pools. One important guideline is that Dolfin can only operate at 50% capacity, which is 37 patrons at a time. All members will be required to sign an acknowledgement of adherence to new guidelines prior to visiting Dolfin Pool. To provide equitable swimming opportunities for our members, we will be using an online-only reservation system where members can sign up for at least three blocks each week in advance (no walk-in admission without a reservation will be permitted).  Private parties can be reserved by members for an additional fee on Saturday or Sunday mornings from 10 am until noon. We will not permit guests this season, given the limited number of patrons allowed inside Dolfin Pool. 

With only one pool opening this summer and limited capacity, we are extending Dolfin’s hours to accommodate safe swimming for as many members as possible. For example, lap swimming (one per lane) can be reserved in 45-minute blocks from 8-9:30am. Open swim (without any lap lanes) will be available in 1.5-hour blocks from 10am-9:00pm Monday through Friday and from 12:00pm- 9:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays. We will publish a full list of our new policies, operation procedures, and pool schedule within the next week that we hope will answer any questions you may have.


Membership will initially be offered to last year’s members with registration opening around June 15th. We may need to limit the total number of memberships we sell so that members will have sufficient opportunity to swim given our limited capacity. As a result, we are giving precedence to 2019 members. If we still have spots available after June 22nd we will then offer membership to a larger audience. Individual and Two-Person Household Membership costs will be reduced by approximately 25% of the 2019 fees; Family memberships rates have not changed from our 60-Day rate last year at $330. 

We recognize that this cost may seem high with the significant changes from 2019, but we continue to maintain the lowest membership rate in the Ann Arbor area. The primary reason for only reducing membership costs by 25% is that OHAC still projects a $22,000 operating loss in 2020 after accounting for our expected membership revenue. For example, we expect to pay over $18,000 in property taxes, liability insurance, and state fees in 2020. Utility costs (water, gas to heat the water, electricity) will be more than $11,000. Other costs associated with maintaining the pool(s), such as chlorine and routine maintenance are more than $9,000. Finally, labor costs (even for only Dolfin this year) are projected at $13,552. Given these expenses, we hope you understand why we are not able to offer further reduced membership rates or membership refunds this year.

Pool Safety and Guidelines

Dolfin Pool will follow the recommended CDC Pool Guidelines and State/County requirements. Our OHAC staff will be responsible for managing the pool and keeping swimmers safe as lifeguards. We require members to take responsibility for following social distancing guidelines, hand washing, and other safety measures. We will close the pool in between open swim blocks for 30 minutes so that our lifeguards can clean. More detailed information will be included in future communications and must be understood before completing membership registration. 


Unfortunately, many of the programs that helped us build our community cannot be offered this summer due to social distancing guidelines. We have already announced the cancellation of swim and dive teams. Private swim lessons, group swim lessons, Synchronized Swimming, and Water Polo are other programs that cannot be offered in 2020. We are still considering how Masters Swimming could work in the pre-8:00 am hours, but with limitations to only one swimmer per lane.

Capital Improvements

In the fall of 2019, we launched a Capital Improvement Campaign in response to a match  donation of $25,000 from OHAC members Linh and Dug Song. Our goal was to raise another $55,000 from the rest of the OHAC Community, and so far we have raised $37,230! This fundraiser has already paid for new tiling around the Dolfin pool and covers about 75% of the ongoing concrete replacement at OHAC. The balance of the concrete work plus the additional $20,000 to repair the failing main drain of OHAC will come from our savings account. Our plan is for OHAC pool to reopen in 2021 with a beautiful new concrete deck that you will notice (and two beautiful new main drains that you may not :)

Bottom line

We have devised a way for those in our community to swim in one of our neighborhood pools during these extraordinary times. We realize that some of our previous members may choose not to join this year because they are still not comfortable with exposure to Covid-19 and we understand those concerns. We hope that if you are considering rejoining you will be patient with our new operations to help keep you safe-- keeping in mind that most of our staff members are high school-aged. Finally, we hope that all members of our community have a better understanding of the costs of our pools, and know that by either purchasing a membership this year or donating to our Capital Campaign; you are contributing to the long-term financial sustainability of these neighborhood pools. Fortunately, we have rebuilt our savings account over the past five years to account for “rainy days” such as these.  Our current projection, however, is that we will end 2020 with a savings balance of $60,000, only 38% of our balance on January 1, 2020.  The Board has approved the spending of these savings because they are necessary for the future of our pools. We are convinced of the generosity and commitment from our community to maintaining these pools, and know that better days are ahead! 

We hope to see you soon!
Your friends and neighbors on the OHAC Board of Directors


Questions? Please email info@ohacpool.org